Hope by:Hani Scotto

29 06 2007

once open a time, there was a young man named tom and he lived in france,paris.

tom’s ahb many problems with his life cuz he was fat and he couldn’t drive his car,

play what he wants, hang out with his friends because people make fun off him, etc.

and the days went and went till the day when he found out that he is sick with the heart. then he stopped all kids of food which incrase the wigth but nothing happen because he doesn’t have the hope. and his health was dicraseing day by day, and after many days he dicided to be health and thin like ever one. then he started exersis and trying to play all kid off sports and so after two years he became thin and health and that’s all why cuz he had hope that one day he’ll became thin.

so i like to say to all the people, i know that this story is short but i’m writting this story to tell you that dont ever in any kid of problems give up hope.

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Hani Scotto                                               Ramoody5

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story:”DONT LIE” by Hani scotto

20 03 2007

Once upon atime here was a boy living in UAE.His name was Ahmed Mohammed and he was the best at his studuies.But after some years he joined the college and there his problems started when he used to go out with his friend.After some time he became careless just like them and started smoking.



One day he was praying with his father when by chance his lighter fell off his shirt.

When his father saw it he said:”Ahmed,Do you smoke?”.Ahmed replied:”NO”.

His father said: “God will break your head if you are lieing”,Ahmed said, “Let God break my head”.

After  several months, he went to swim with his elder brother and friends. When he jumped diving in the water, his head heat the ground of the pool were he couldn’t move his whole body, after a couple of minutes his brother jump to help him, and when he took his out he realized that Ahmed’s head was broken so he hurried him to the hospital.

After many operations all what the doctors could do was only to make him able to talk. He was totally paralyzed . He was asked that what does he wish in his life when he replied: “I wish to hug my mother and turn a page from the quran and eat my food by myself”!!!!

Believe me this is  a true storywhich happened in UAE.So I wish to all people not to lie such lies on their paret\nts.

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Hani Scotto                                               Ramoody5

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16 02 2007


From today Im going  start publishing some stories of HANI SCOTTO.

The next story will be the first