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14 06 2007

you never told me you knew arabic as well
this site is pretty good
don’t you have any songs?

14 06 2007

No,not yet,
but i’ll will soon put some

22 06 2007

u r waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw

27 06 2007

i really liked your site

27 06 2007

thnx for ur opinion
dont forget, u can ask me for any thing you want

28 06 2007

ur site is a good one

9 07 2007

top 🙂

26 07 2007
Shaheen Baig

Hey Supp?? whts goin on??? hey where r ya longtim no see not even mis calls!!!! HA justkiddiing?? atleast call me OK whenever ur bak !!!!! hey yaa sites great doin well keepit UP byeezz

26 07 2007


26 07 2007


1 09 2007

لطفاعکس وفیلم سکسی بفرستید


5 10 2007


8 10 2007

salam bache kone kobe azizam
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ek zang bezan tavel beger
ok bay bya

19 11 2007
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11 01 2008

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11 01 2008

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25 01 2008
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1 02 2008
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7 03 2008
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7 03 2008

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7 03 2008

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9 04 2008

لطفا برای من عکس وداستان سکسی بفرستید
ممنون می شم

23 05 2008
بحر الشوق


5 06 2008

اگه سوپر داري بفرست

12 07 2008

pls send some sexy picture and vedio clip thanks

23 07 2008
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30 07 2008

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5 09 2008
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18 10 2008

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22 10 2008

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3 11 2008
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8 01 2009
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10 11 2009

Homophobic motherfucker.

19 01 2010

salam azizam
hala dorosta man dokhtar nestam vale ea trep pesha ma ka bea chera dega tavel namegere mage cha bade az man dede azizam amroz raftam pesha babat goft mhadi ba gf (nf) rafta beron hehehe

11 04 2010

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25 01 2011

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1 07 2013
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30 11 2013
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19 09 2014
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19 09 2014
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