Hope by:Hani Scotto

29 06 2007

once open a time, there was a young man named tom and he lived in france,paris.

tom’s ahb many problems with his life cuz he was fat and he couldn’t drive his car,

play what he wants, hang out with his friends because people make fun off him, etc.

and the days went and went till the day when he found out that he is sick with the heart. then he stopped all kids of food which incrase the wigth but nothing happen because he doesn’t have the hope. and his health was dicraseing day by day, and after many days he dicided to be health and thin like ever one. then he started exersis and trying to play all kid off sports and so after two years he became thin and health and that’s all why cuz he had hope that one day he’ll became thin.

so i like to say to all the people, i know that this story is short but i’m writting this story to tell you that dont ever in any kid of problems give up hope.

Written By:                                               Graphics by:

Hani Scotto                                               Ramoody5

 hani.jpg                             ramoody.jpg




One response

29 06 2007

by waqar….

thank you very much for ur story …..i do get inspiration frm ur stories whoever u re……..u re very good…plz do write more and more

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