c proxy loses from ultrasurf

8 12 2007

Well a while ago I posted a proxy, CPROXY which was actually successful for the few first months but later it became so popular that when you log on to it , it writes service busy.

I really tried to find another proxy but just couldn’t find one as good as cproxy.But I found something easier,faster and lighter than cproxy, introducing ultrasoft.

This programs works just like cproxy and even better. it is only 140 kb not more.

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And remember that with ramoody5 you get the best.


Even less space (98 kb)




proxy كاسر المواقع المحظورة فیلترشکن

Even more than 30 prgrams for your download

15 09 2007

Hi every one, as I have informed you,i will put many downloads well;

I have collected the best downloads from Iran sun  and put it here.

here are more than 30 downloads for you all so enjoy it and don’t forget to comment.

Flash Slideshow Maker Pro 4.40
LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary 2007
Adobe Photoshop CS3 ME Extended
Adob InDesign CS3 ME
Adobe Dreameaver CS3 ME
Norton 360 All-in-One Security
Wonders of the Ancient World II
Java Platform Kit
Adobe Acrobat 8 Pro
Crazy Talk 4.5 Media Studio Full
Video Converter Premier 8.0
Solar System 3D Screensaver
Graphisofts ArchiCAD 11
مجموعه ی نرم افزار های SWiSH
Maleksoft Dictionary 2.0
97 قلم از مجموعه « پروین 2000 »
Zone Grafix Icon Pack
MPEG4 Direct Maker 5.6.0
تقویم هجری شمسی
IE7Pro 0.9.20 Final
روتوش و زیباسازی تصاویر صورت
Pharos Dictionary 8.0
Neosoft NeoBook 5.5.3b
RapGet 1.28 + SSL Library
McAfee VirusScan +AntiSpyware
Norton AntiVirus
آنتی ویروس خود را به روز رسانی کنید
WinGuard Pro 2007 Premium
Photo DVD Creator 5.0
Restorator 2007 Retail
Nero Premium
Dr.Web Antivirus
FantaMorph Deluxe Edition
PhotoDex ProShow Gold
Getright Professional
McAfee Total Protection 2007
Yahoo! Messenger
Kaspersky Anti-Virus 

A cafe for crying …………………. كافه اي براي گريه كردن

10 06 2007

به تازگي يك كافه در شرق چين افتتاح شده كه افراد براي گريه كردن به آنجا مي روند. images/20070606/cafee.jpg
به گزارش پايگاه اينترنتي الرايه، هزينه رفتن و گريه كردن و استفاده از نوشيدني هاي موجود در كافه شش دلار (معادل 50 يوان) است.
اين كافه همچنين براي كاهش درد مراجعان خود ، دستمال و روغن نعناع در اختيار آن ها قرار مي دهد.
ارائه پياز و فلفل قرمز براي كساني كه دوست دارند گريه كنند از ديگر خدمات كافه مذكور به شمار مي رود.
در اين كافه به منظور فراهم شدن محيطي عاطفي و احساسي ، موسيقي نيز نواخته مي شود.
مسوولان كافه گفتند روزانه تعداد بيشماري از علاقمندان به كافه مي آيند و استقبال از ما بي نظير بوده است





A cafe for crying!!!


 A cafe was opened in China only for those who want to cry.If your are sad and you want to cry in a suitable place, go to this cafe. According to alraye; the cost for the place, coffe, and tissue is only 6US dollars.

They even serve mint oil and fine tissue for those who would like to use them.

The cafe is having a quiet romantic and sencetive inviroment with sad music.

The management of the Cafe is saying that more and more people are coming every day and the number of the custumers is increasing with out having a control on it.


The Obelisk

6 06 2007

Before you scroll down, take a good look at the first picture and try to guess what the Obelisk really is. I’ll give you this: you unassembled it to use.

Maybe, after the hint, you guessed it right. The Obelisk is a 5 pieces outdoor furniture set composed of four chairs and one table. When assembled, as a puzzle, it has the form that names it.

It is designed by Frank Ligthart for Dedon, a German based company present in 16 countries and specialized in produce high quality outdoors furniture.

Well, the Obelisk must be a quality product, as it has a retail price of $9,890 in US.

Al Sadiq School

3 06 2007

al sadiq

Lastly our school days took a vacation last thursday,

I study in al sadiq school in dubai, which does NOT have any special thin or any facilities in it.In other words,it sux.

well,the only good things it have is the friends in it,so here are some pictures of the last day at Al sadiq

Click Here

Macho Movers: Top 10 Cars Driven by Men

24 03 2007


From fiery Ferraris to hulking Hummers , the cars driven predominantly by men all have a showy streak and plenty of power under the hood.

“So many of these cars are prototypical ‘guy cars’ — it’s kind of funny,” says Imre Molnar, dean of the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Mich., where he oversees one of the world’s largest transportation design programs. Putting it politely, he calls vehicles on the list bold and assertive. “But with some of these cars, you can’t help but see cliché qualities coming to the fore,” Molnar says. “They affirm the aggressive male stereotype.”

This list includes the top 10 vehicles with the highest percentage of male primary drivers based on CNW Marketing Research survey data. The Bandon, Ore.-based firm conducted tens of thousands of phone surveys during 2006 on a range of topics about car buying and ownership. The list does not account for yearly vehicle sales volumes. Rather, it measures which vehicles have the highest percentage of male drivers based on the number of respondents who said they were the primary driver of a particular model. So, for example, the Maybach 57/62 has the highest percentage of male drivers of all vehicles sold in the U.S. in 2006, according to the survey data. But this is based on 139 male and 7 female survey respondents who said they were the primary driver of this vehicle out of more than 15,000 total respondents. That miniscule number of Maybach drivers makes sense considering how rare Maybachs are.

Our list of cars most driven by men instantly calls to mind one word: power. All but three of the cars on the list have at least one variant that puts out 400 hp or more. If nothing else, this affirms the age-old stereotype of guys’ love affair with muscular dream cars.But there’s more than just raw horsepower at play here; most of the cars on this macho list are undeniably all about image. The sheer showiness of the cars most driven by men is further exacerbated when compared to the cars most driven by women (a subject of a future list coming soon).


According to CNW data, women aren’t as concerned with making a statement about their image when buying a luxury car. The data shows that a high percentage of well-heeled female drivers prefer cars such as the Audi A6, Lexus LS and various Volvos — cars that are speedy, fashionable and luxurious, but that have understated design and quiet sophistication. They aren’t attention-grabbers like a yellow Lamborghini or a stretched Rolls Royce.

This list is filled with ‘image vehicles,’” says Art Spinella, president of CNW. “Men don’t seem to be basing their decisions on practicality; their choices are pretty testosterone-based. Women are more practical.”

The Mercedes Benz GL Class is third on the list. Molnar agrees: “Men’s identities — the way they see themselves — are often tied to their cars. Women don’t see perceived value in macho, boys’-boy qualities,” he says.

Not all of the cars on this list are marketed specifically to men. For instance, Mercedes-Benz, which has two cars on the list (the retro G-Class and new GL-Class, its two biggest SUVs), isn’t rabidly trying to target either vehicle primarily to guys.

“Both these vehicles have a rugged-luxe persona that’s reflected in their styling, athletic stance on the road and — particularly with the G-Class — their off-road capabilities,” says Joe Richardson, spokesperson for Mercedes-Benz. “The G- and GL-Class attract those who aspire to lead a similarly adventurous and refined lifestyle, regardless of whether they happen to be men or women.”


Other carmakers are more unabashedly embracing the dudes who love them back. “No other name in automotive history says ‘muscle car’ like the three letters ‘GTO,’” says Michael Albano, spokesperson for GM and Pontiac. “The distinctive, tautly stretched exterior, the aggressive lowered stance and sleek, simple form all help express the clean, athletic styling direction of Pontiac — a design formula that has attracted men to the GTO for years,” he says.

Though the statistics prove the latest iteration of the GTO was popular with men, evidently it wasn’t popular enough overall. The revived GTO, based off of GM of Australia’s Holden Monaro, was discontinued after 2006. And therein lies another trend — it’s not the only car on our list that’s gone: Volkswagen’s Phaeton has also been pulled from the U.S. market due to slow sales; and the beefy Hummer H1 — based on the U.S. military’s HUMVEE — no longer sees civilian duty as of 2007. Again, our list is not based on yearly sales volumes, but the number of respondents to the CNW survey who said they were the primary driver of a particular model.

We’ve ranked the vehicles in ascending order according to percentage of male primary drivers.

Form yahoo. 

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Photoshop tutorials EVERYDAY

14 03 2007

Hi people you know that I like photoshoping very much,so here I put tutorials every day!!!

 you can check everydays tutorials on my side bar in the end of it….

and good luck