Photoshop tutorials EVERYDAY

14 03 2007

Hi people you know that I like photoshoping very much,so here I put tutorials every day!!!

 you can check everydays tutorials on my side bar in the end of it….

and good luck

psp3?? made by me

19 01 2007

To prove that the psp2 is just a rumor I did a sample of psp3???
here it is…..

If you want a the psd,just reply here

photoshop tut:make your country flag an eye lense

30 10 2006



hi guys:

I know that many of u know how to do it… but it is nice isn’t it??

here is a simple tut which teaches u how to make your country flag as your eye lense…..
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first of all select the place u want to color by magic or lasoo tools..
now go to image>hue saturaion>then choose the colour u want..
for the next step prs ctrl+d to deselect,then select the following part as told before and color it again

I did this pic in a hurry so sorry if it is bad…. its irans flag
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