Saying of Imam Ali (a.s)

17 02 2007

Once Imam was asked,Who is a believer?He answered as to what thethe characteristics of a believer should include,

‘Believer is one with whom peoples’life,wealth and dignity are safe.

when pwerful,he forgive wasily.He is generous in appriate ways.

His behaviour is gentle..his action and walk reflect modesty.

people enjoy his effection and clamness.he is ready to bear pain in order to comfort others.

in freindship he is sincere.He honour his promise.

he helps the opressed and is concerned about the deprived.he doesnot abandon those in destress;he try to relieve thier burden.

he respects the rights of those who re absent.he accepts the opology those at fault
hye assist those who have assisted him.he doesn’t divulge(tell)people secrete.he doesn’t enquire in to secrete affairs which don’t concer him..

he sets a good example for those u succed him his good deeds re not performed for the sake of being boastfull.

he doesn’t fall into the same difficulties twice



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