Urdu Nohas

16 02 2007

Nadeem Sarwar

Salam Ya Hussain (as)

audio http://www.azadar.com/1428/nauhas/nadeem/01.mp3

Behti Hai Furaat

audio http://www.azadar.com/1428/nauhas/nadeem/02.mp3

Sajjad (as) Sajjad (as)

audio http://www.azadar.com/1428/nauhas/nadeem/03.mp3

Meri Sakina (sa)

audio http://www.azadar.com/1428/nauhas/nadeem/04.mp3

Abbas (as) Meer’e Kaarwan

audio http://www.azadar.com/1428/nauhas/nadeem/05.mp3



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