the palastinian case:

6 06 2006


Do u care?i mean realy do u care?

If u care read this article and see the photos than send me ur comment:]

the storybehind the jewish of palastine is back to more than 50 years ago when palastine was a colony of british.the muslim leaved in hormony with chriscian and vise versa .but in year 1945 bilfore the governor of british in palastine with the help of the british goverment give a promise to all the jwesih pepole from whole the woprld to have thier own country and from that moment the mascara of jewish agaist muslim start>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

SE the pic and judge by ur self

the pic above is what is known aspalstine but most of it is under jewish control

I advice week hearted people not se se the last pic 


u know what is written in arabic?u see see this two piece ofshit in the pic they r saying that they r against terorisim but they r the terror by them, self

if ur heart is weak i recomanded that u dont see these picture]




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24 10 2006

tabon mkom awlad lkhab

6 09 2007

19 06 2008


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