Six steps for learning difficult subjects quickly

27 05 2006



2 days ago I found these tips on how to learn a difficult subject quickly, which I wish had found them a month ago when I was breaking my head reading textbooks for board exams. Still its not late, my exams are going on and I have two difficult papers, one on 26th and the other on 31st. Have to read/revise the whole book for them.
Here's a strategy I've found useful for learning dry and difficult material quickly. At various times, I've used it to build up my knowledge of subjects like economics, investing, writing and computer programming languages. Some people have been surprised at how fast I can learn these kinds of skills, but I think anyone can do it with the right plan. Of course, you can use this to teach yourself interesting things as well, but most people don't have any problem learning stuff that's fun.

Okay, here are the steps…

Step 1: Bombard yourself with information
Many people try to slowly and methodically digest difficult material. They underline things and re-read paragraphs ten times to try and understand. This approach might eventually work, but most people get fed up with it and give up before finishing. Our brains hate this way of learning.

Instead, try to get through the material as quickly as possible. Don't worry if you don't understand everything, just keep reading on. Push yourself to get the damn textbook finished, and don't worry too much about how much you take in…..[' the rest.-']

Before I read this I used to do the same stratigy but my father thought it was wrong and worthless,but lastly I found this and proved that I'm right?!?!?!



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